St. Joseph School

Home of the Eagles - Sinsinawa, Wisconsin

Our Education

The focus of all our educational efforts at St. Joseph School is to assist in the formation of the whole child in the areas of Christianity, citizenship and personal development. Each child comes to us with needs that a Catholic school is uniquely equipped to address:

  • The need to develop a personal relationship with God
  • The need to discover and develop a personal purpose and direction in life
  • The need to belong to, grow within, and serve a community of faith
  • The need for a sense of belonging to the human race's past, present, and future, sharing in its accomplishments, struggles, traditions and dreams
  • The need to acquire essential knowledge and skills necessary to become a self-fulfilled, productive member of society

St. Joseph's School has been called to respond to these needs on behalf of the children of our community. Working with parents and using the resources of the Diocese, community and faculty; St. Joseph's School seeks to direct, facilitate and coordinate learning within the classroom while witnessing to the central beliefs of our Catholic faith. St. Joseph's School shares in the awesome responsibility of co-creation, guiding students to take an ever-increasing role in their own education and life-long effort to discover the will of God in their lives.

Parish Education Council

At St. Joseph School, the educational direction is led by a Parish Education Committee. The committee consists of members that review the needs of the school and identifies if the needs are aligned with the mission.

Members include:

  • Tom Koeller
  • Kate Freiburger
  • Kaitlyn Berning
  • Andrew Tranel
  • JoAnn Ramaker
  • Stephanie Tranel
  • Andrea Runde

If you have an questions and are unsure who to get in contact with, reach out to one of these members or call 608.742.4442, and they can advise you who to reach.