St. Joseph School

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A gift that keeps on giving, is the purpose of the St. Joseph Catholic School endowment fund.  The endowment fund provides a source of annual income. This fund is designed to function in perpetuity, making it possible to ensure long-term financial support to St. Joseph's. This is an established fund and anyone can make additional contributions to the fund in any dollar amount.

Key Benefits

  • A committee manages the fund and distributes income as needed
  • You can fund this at death with an estate gift or designation in a will
  • Avoid capital gains taxes on long-term, highly appreciated assets
  • If you contribute, you may be eligible to receive a reduction in income taxes


The endowment fund is led by a committee. To find out more, contact one of these members;

  • Lloyd Berning                        
  • Dick Berning                                          
  • John Helbing
  • Bob Schonhoff 
  • Andrew Tranel
  • Father Ken Frisch    


In addition to endowment, the school and parish have a financial obligations. to ensure the interests of the financial status, there is a finance committee who manages the disbursement and collection of funding. These members include:

  • Pat Fleege
  • Jane Fleege
  • Father Ken Frisch
  • Joan Mai
  • Dick Timmerman
  • Lloyd Berning
  • Mary Cogan